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To log into the Web Application:

1.Using your web browser go to the URL specified by your EHR vendor, if any; otherwise go to ui.myupdox.com. 

2.Enter your Username.

3.Enter your Password.

4.Click LOGIN.


If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password to reset it. You have up to 10 consecutive tries to enter your correct username and password before your account is temporarily locked for 4 hours. Entering the same incorrect username/ password combination repeatedly only counts as one failed attempt. If you need access sooner, the practice administrator can release the temporary lock by issuing you a new password.


If your password has been reset or if it doesn't meet the current requirements, the first time you log in you'll be asked to change your password. The password rules are:

At least 8 characters (maximum of 30 characters)

At least one upper case letter

At least one lower case letter

At least one number or special character

Does not contain your user name


If you haven't logged in for over a year your password will automatically be reset and you'll need to click on Forgot Password to change it.


The left panel on the login screen will display informational messages to help you better use the application.